White Hart

89 Whitechapel High Street, London, Greater London, E1 7RA
020 7247 1546
Severin Klosowski, better known as George Chapman, became a qualified junior surgeon and left Poland in 1887 for pastures new in London, where he became an assistant hairdresser. It wasn’t long before he found love and married Lucy Baderski, whilst working in the basement of the White Hart Pub, in George Yard, off Whitechapel High Street.
Chapman was convicted of murder and arrested in 1903 and later executed on 7th April 1903 after being found guilty of the murder. Soon there were also accusations in the press that he may have been involved in the Whitechapel Murders. Inspector Frederick George Abberline, a retired journalist, was approached by the Pall Mall Gazette for his expertise and was instrumental in finding out the truth, despite harbouring no suspicions against Chapman initially. 
However, opinion did change and after despite Abberline's argument that a "...man who could watch his wives being slowly tortured to death by poison, as he did, was capable of anything," he still did not have enough evidence to fully determine that Chapman was in fact Jack the Ripper. The major objection against Chapman must be that a killer who could brutally disembowel his victims with the same furious violence shown by Jack the Ripper, is highly unlikely to have turned to wife poisoning as a means of venting his homicidal fury.